Principles & Fundamentals of CAE & approaches to application in Product Design (2 Day course)


This course focuses on the “Why” of CAE from the starting point to problem definition, strategy for building a model for CAE, limitations of CAE where to look for Data, various software available for CAE, how to evaluate quality of CAE results and ways to improve data required to build better CAE models.

Course participants define their own work related problem and are then taken through the entire CAE workflow to enhance their learning experience.

Organizations whose engineers have attended this training include: Godrej, Thermax, Wimco Machine Division ( ITC Group), Pidilite Industries, Varroc Group amongst others.

Advanced CAE course (Course duration can vary from 3-5 days based on team sizes)


This course is for engineers who are conversant with the Product Design requirements of their organization and who have access to the software they are using for simulation.

Course participants get “On-the-Job” training for solving “Real Life” problems.

The course uses the case-study approach, built around cases supplied by the participating engineers.

Special 1 Day Course for Engineering Colleges CAE in the Product Design Process


Application of CAE in design can mean different things to different people. Machinery design involves stress, strain, vibrations, resonance, etc. Thermal design involves heat flow, convective coefficients, forced and natural convection, conjugate heat transfer, etc. Product Design involves … the list could go on forever.

But the underlying engineering principles are common to all of these, as are the underlying sciences – from mechanisms to thermodynamics to chemical reactions.

In this course you will learn the different approaches available in commercial software, and how to use these to the best engineering effect: how to balance effort, knowledge and accuracy and make the best use of available software and hardware.

Work experience & Profile of Trainer C. Venkatesh

Venkatesh holds a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras (1985) and an M.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from the University of Texas at Austin (1987). His areas of work include Computer Aided Design and Simulation of Mechanical Equipment and Analysis of Technology Processes. Starting in 1987, Venkatesh has worked with and for organizations as varied as BHEL, L&T, TCS, Tata Steel, Samsung, Mahindra & Mahindra and several DRDO labs. He has also worked with and for the other end of the CAE spectrum: providers of software such as Unigraphics, I-Deas, HyperWorks, Abaqus, Ls-Dyna, OpenFoam and Pointwise. These experiences, together with a belief in both the advantages and limitations of theoretical rigor, are what he brings to bear in his consulting and training engagements.

CAE course participants have benefited from Venkatesh’s knowledge and experience coupled with his passion for teaching



"Understood usage of CAE as part of the design process & how to define the problem statement."
- Ganesh Shirke : Godrej & Boyce Mfg. co.

"Got in-sights into problem statement definition & how to better interpret quality of results. Will implement learnings on work related projects."
- Mihir Kikale : Varroc Enggineering Pvt. Ltd. (Engineering)

"My objectives of attending the two day CAE training program was were achieved as I got in-sights on evaluating feasibility & effectiveness of using CAE."
- Sahir Mulla : Thermax Ltd.

"The two day CAE course helped me understand the overall usage of CAE, & also get clarity on linear & non-linear analysis which was my interest area."
- Manoj Sangave : Tooltech Global Engineering.

"We got lots of key information regarding FEA, various type of analysis - Static, Dynamic, Friction, MBD etc. It is an excellent course for clearing all doubts related to CAE as during class we could discuss with Mr.Venkatesh & draw on his vast experience."
- Prasad Bhagwat : Ms. Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

CAE Testimonial